Your business and customer data is the treasure of your organization. Making sure it’s there when you need it is a tedious, error-prone routine and few on your IT staff wants to do. So let us handle it for you. We have years of experience developing a comprehensive, flexible suite of managed data protection services to protect your data and keep it available worry-free.

  1. Backup & Replication

Elevax will set up and administer backup and replication to as many locations as you require. Most companies select at least one secondary site for secure data transfer. Your business may be most comfortable with your hardware on your premises. Elevax will administer that for you. Or if you prefer to eliminate the onsite equipment and storage, allow us to provide the hardware at one of our highly secure, highly available data centers.

  1. Restore Services

Each type of data has different requirements for recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). Elevax will work closely with you to identify the best granularity, schedule, and cost structure. Restores are initiated within 30 minutes of request, regardless of media or location.

  1. Certified Erasure

When the data has outlived its active usefulness, Elevax and its certified vendors will help you destroy physical media or online volumes.


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