1. Architecture Services

Our Design Services help you create a flexible, resilient, scalable architectural foundation to support your business solutions by developing designs specific to your IT environment including infrastructure, applications, operations processes and management.

  1. Health Checks and Assessments

Our Assessment Services help you determine your IT infrastructure’s compliance to best practices and policies and/or readiness to support new technology and applications. With Elevax’s Assessment Services you receive detailed recommendations for improving your environment’s operational maturity as well as gap analysis for planned systems enhancements.

  1. Implementation Services

Elevax’s Professional Services team, equipped with proven methodologies as a guide and a project management plan in place, works closely with your team to deploy, configure and test each new solution as well as provide knowledge transfer and documentation to facilitate a smooth transition. Leverage the expertise of Elevax Professional Services to ensure you achieve the full value of your IT investments.

  1. Resident Engineer Services

Supplementing your in-house IT staff with Elevax’s Technical Residents will enable your organization to operate more efficiently as you adopt the technological innovations that are critical for success. Our experts have experience in a wide range of technologies gained across numerous environments and vertical industries.


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